Vision & Mission


“NHI is committed to consistently provide the Original Equipment Manufacturer and quality products. Our dedicated people, coupled with Technological Excellence gives us the competitive edge to do so.”

Be a leader in providing quality and innovative solutions globally in the field of manufacturing engineering and delight the customer in his quest for excellence. Be an organization with all individual associate themselves with pride and passion and ensure collective growth and social status of all employees in the organization. We will improve our productivity through continual improvement and by following practices like:

    • Team building
    • Leadership development
    • Planning

A dream becomes reality when there is a path leading to it. This path is of opportunities that turn true & a journey that reaches the destination.At NHI, our mission is to create solutions in technology to contribute to a prosperous life.Our dedication to innovation pushes us to materialize the possibilities that can ensure a completely satisfying life. Everyone in the circle of life benefits from our propelling technology towards a prosperous life. We Visualize “NHI”as having presence in all major engineering hubs globally.Contributing humbly in making of a developed nation by technological advancements, catering to 20% of the domestic market, establishing Technology Centers in 10 major cities.Promoting Eco-friendliness by developing energy efficient solutions.Considered to be the most preferred organization to work with by all our business associates including the team members.Facilitating all the team members to enjoy the higher standards of living for a happier & healthier life.Creating a work environment that fosters passion, creativity and optimism with fun, respect and pride for all individuals.Being exceptionally customer centric, delighting all our customers by all means and action.Deeply admired brand among the machine tool fraternity.