Founders Desk

“I strongly believe that our focused efforts and actions, combined with our superior products that are customized to evolving customer needs, will open up a plethora of growth opportunities for your Company, going forward. Our manufacturing strength, which has been pivotal to our growth stratagem, shall continue to steer our future progress as we scale up our operations and systems to match the pace of industry growth. The Company’s progressive journey shall continue to be steered by its people, who have always been our partners in growth. It has been our constant endeavor to attract and nurture people with the necessary skills and aptitude to meet the Company’s current and future goals. Our focus on building a positive and collaborative work culture shall continue to be a priority agenda for us in the years ahead”.

Expertising where it counts.At NHI we deliver excellent wear resistant engineered products with unrivalled service and support that increase productivity and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.Our reputation for engineering excellence is earned through our commitment to investing in skills, development, sharing knowledge and experience to inspire innovation.

With a broad range of trusted brands, we help our customers address their key issues – longevity, capacity and efficiency of operations. Superiority of hydraulic design and corrosion-resistant materials underpin the strength of NHI’s slurry transportation, comminuting and minerals processing equipment.

Enduring value for industrial customers

We have continually advanced innovation, collaborative manufacturing methods, and delivered enduring value for industrial customers. Today we design and manufacture a wide range of high quality flow control solutions, embracing complex technical requirements to deliver superior results for our customers spanning mining, steel, petrochemical, pulp and paper, marine engineering, municipal waste and wastewater.

We understand that when it comes to protection, flow control and processing, conditions are demanding, so product integrity and quality are key. Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop a portfolio of Fixtures and services tailored to a wide range of applications.

We are the leading design & manufacturers of hydraulic, pneumatic, manual clamping fixturers, all types of industrial fixtures. Since 2015 we started to manufacture the hydraulic, pnuematic & manual clamping fixtures. We are specialized in fixture manufacturing. Our products are listed below;

    • out products are:
    • Welding fixtures
    • Checking Fixtures
    • Receiver gauges
    • Support Table
    • Indexing fixtuers.
    • Hydraulic clamping fixtures
    • Pneumatic clamping fixtures.
    • Manual clamping fixtures
    • Turning fixtures
    • Soft jaws and all types of Industrial Fixtuers.

All fixtures, gauges and jigs, will be manufactured based on the customer requirement.